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Row by Row Reveal, what did you collect party?!

Don't forget to come collect your Row by Row this year.
    We've heard all the excuses... "well we didn't finish the first two rows, so we might not pick up this one"  "I''m staying home this year" -

WHAT?!, we're Quilters we have tons of UFO's that's never stopped us before LOL and Did you know that you can collect 8+ rows between Pentiction, Summerland, Peachland, West Kelowna, Kelowna, Oyama, Armstrong, Salmon Arm, and even Kamloops if you're so inclined! 

So... if you know Cottage Quilting, you know we're about fun, engagement and making sure you're feeling motivated.... so we've challenged ourselves, we will make it fun again then!   We want to do our own reveal/what did you collect party!  

So our challenge to you is:
1) Go into your sewing room, find all your kits and patterns from previous years to come
2) Realize, you may not have enough to win so get out to your local shops around and grab their kits, patterns, plates and pins
3) start sewing up some rows, if you want, or just keep them piled together nicely
4) in September, we're going to host a Row by Row Swap and Shop and Reveal Party for all past rows and this year (AFTER this season is done of course!)
5) So come hang out with us on the specified date (TBD) and you can trade rows, kits, just show off what you've done so far.   We're going to award prizes for:

1) who has the most kits (completed or not - just how many did you buy over the years)
2) who has the most patterns
3) who has the most PINS
4) who has the most PLATES
5) who has most completed # of rows (even if they aren't sewn together)

and I'm sure we'll come up with some more between now and then.   SEW... don't be afraid to go around and try to WIN for September.   Do you accept this challenge?!   Stay tuned for the finer details and SEW FUN at Cottage Quilting!
       Here is the map to Winning!   Click the map to find out your route