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The Perfect Mother's Day Gift Dual Registration

This class is perfect for FATHER/DAUGHTER, MOTHER/DAUGHTER, FATHER/SON, GRANDPARENT/GRANDCHILD ANYONE!   You don't have to come in pairs, but we really hope you will so this can be a joint project!   We'll even lend you a sewing machine if you need!

This time we’ll be making a really fancy pot holder!

“Just a pot holder?” you say. “How boring!”

Well, this pot holder is anything but boring; it’s fancy and fun to make. =)

The folded star technique you learn here can be used for so many other things: make it bigger for a pillow cover or make it smaller for an adorable ornament!  It’s the perfect way to use a few spare fat quarters for a gift. 

Brian and his Mom, Joy, will co-teach this class.    

This can be the perfect gift for the woman in your wife, not only because it was made by two of her favourite people, but because it'll be made with love!

Bring a little dinner snack and make the perfect gift!
Skill Level:
Beginner plus
Materials Included:
if you need to borrow a sewing machine, just let us know
Layer 1 - 5
Brian McLean & Joy McLean

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift Dual Registration

$ 30.00
$30 per Pair, or $15 for an individual if you want to come alone that's ok too!