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Long Arm Quilting Services

At Cottage Quilting & Sewing Machine center we are proud to own the Bernina Q24 with 11' frame and Gammill Statler 30" with 14' frame.     We offer Edge to Edge quilting with the Bernina Q-Matic & Statler computer system.  We offer a selection of hundreds of quilting designs to choose from and are happy to download specific requests.

Our Quilting department is open  Monday through Wednesday 10am-5pm. Quilts may be dropped off and picked up during regular business hours.  If you are from out of town, you are welcome to mail in your quilts and we will add them to the cue accordingly and return them to you.

Quilts will be created in the order they are received in a first come first serve basis. Quilting times vary depending on how many quilts are currently being long armed.

To discuss your quilting needs, please see us in store or contact us via email.

Preparing your Quilt for Long Arm Quilting
Thank you for choosing us to do your long arm quilting.  By preparing your quilt properly you'll be much happier with the finished product.   Here are a few simple tips to ensure you are completely satisfied with your long arm quilting.  You do not have to baste or pin your quilt together, please provide each layer separately.

Preparing your Quilt Top
  • Clip any lose threads from the underside and sides
  • If you find your fabric is "stretchy", sew an 1/8" seam all around your quilt top, this will eliminate any further stretching
  • Square your quilt top as best you can to 90` on either side, this will ensure easier loading onto the quilt frame
    • A common problem long armers come across are wavy borders.   We try our best to work around wavy borders to ensure your quilting comes out without any puckers.   If we feel the ideal quilting experience cannot be achieved we will call you immediately.    To avoid wavy borders, refer to this document created by Robin Strobel.
  • Press your top and provide on a hanger to eliminate any wrinkles (preferred but not mandatory).   If your top requires pressing, additional charges may apply.

Preparing your Batting
  • Ensure your batting is the same size as your backing, see below
  • We offer a variety of batting in store: Hobbs 80/20 96" Wide, Hobbs 100% Cotton, 96" or 120", Hobbs 80/20 Fusible Batting 96" Wide, Hobbs Polyester 45" Wide

Preparing your Backing
  • You can choose from wide backing at 60" wide, some piecing may be required.  We offer a variety of choices in store
  • You can choose from extra backing at 108"-110" wide, we offer a variety of choices in store
  • You can piece your backing.   It is important that your backing be a minimum of 6"-8" larger than your top (3"-4" around the edges of your top)
    • TIP: when piecing your backing, use 5/8" seam and press open.  Please do not leave the salvages present in your backing
  • Square your quilt back as best you can to 90` on either side, this will ensure easier loading onto the quilt frame
  • Press your back and provide on a hanger to eliminate any wrinkles (preferred but not mandatory).   If your backing requires pressing, additional charges may apply.
Yes you can mail in your quilt tops if you find that easier!   Cottage Quilting will provide FREE shipping to and from Cottage Quilting for your quilting experience.  FIND OUT MORE INFO....

Costs and how they are determined
Prices charged for quilting will vary dependent upon the size of the quilt.  We offer edge to edge quilting at a rate of $0.025 per square inch.  Loading and squaring your completed quilt are included in your basic quilting fees.  We use Fil-Tec Glide Polyester thread for quilting unless otherwise requested.

There will be a flat rate charge of $8 per quilt for thread and new needle.

You can prepare an estimate by multiplying the height in inches by the width in inches then multiplying that total by 0.025 + $8.  

Additional extra fees that may be charged are:
Piecing and squaring back - $25
Fixing any open seams - $35

Optional charges:
Custom label - $25

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or special requests you may have.