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MON-SAT: 10-5 | Closed Sundays and Holidays
This is the 2019 Buck a Block Program.  This is your registration fee.  (NOTE - your quilt may not look like the image posted, this is for an example purpose only)

This year we are doing the "Quilters Journey"

We will have a feature tool, the Deb Tuckers Corner Beam Ruler.   Learn more VIDEO
Please select one answer.  If you register online, please email in your Journey Choice
Achievements - Batiks
* By popular choice

The rules will be:
- 1 time $10 start up fee, this covers your patterns for the year
- We will host a 2 days at the beginning of the month, where you can come watch a demonstration to see how your block is to be constructed (one will be a weekend day for your worker bees out there!).   The first Saturday & the first Wednesday, is when you can see this demo from 10am-11am.   We will record one session & post it on our YouTube channel the second week of the month so you can still see the "how to".

When you attend the demo sessions you will save $2 on your kit fee when you show us your completed block from the month before. 
- If you cannot make it on either of those days, that's ok!   You can pick up your block any time after the 1st of the month.
- We will offer two "UFO" cards (one per quarter).  This will allow you to receive your kits at $2 off if you A) you haven't finished your block or B) you were not able to attend the demo's.
- For those that go away, you will also receive your UFO cards and you may apply them when you come pick up your blocks
- For those that are participating from afar, you too will earn UFO cards and once a quarter we will discount one of your kits by the applicable fee.   There will be a flat rate $7 shipping rate (we are happy to hold and you can pick up in store as well, either way)

This year where your journey is going to lead you is a mystery!!   We will continue to make monthly blocks based on our themes above.  Throughout our journey we will show you different ways you can lay out your quilts blocks and everyone can choose a different layout!  No one quilt needs to be the same!   In January 2020 when you have all of your quilt blocks done, we will review 16 lay out designs, then choose your finishing kit based on what you layout you want (and yes, you'll earn discounts and bonus's through out the year to apply to your awesome 16 additional patterns and your finishing kit!).   

We'll give everyone the first quarter to finish up their blocks then we want to have a fun reveal party!  You can email in pictures, you can attend in store for treats and tea/coffee - we'll admire everyone's journey!
Thanks for your time and efforts in this fun process!

Your new tool can create a variety of blocks such as:                                                         

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