elna sewing, quilting and embroidery machines
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Cottage Quilting has access to the full Elna Sewing Machine, Elna Embroidery Machines and Elna Serger Line up. 

Welcome to your special sewing universe.
Explore it with elna and follow-us into our inspirational planet.

Sustainable sewing by elna

With an elna sewing machine, you chose our brand’s high quality standards and excellent after-sale service. With quality and endurance translating into product durability, your sewing machines’ extended lifetime means that you don’t need to replace it with a new one in a short time. As a result, this can save resources and energy, and ultimately helps protecting our planet for future generations.

Convincing: Our unique 5-year warranty

A 5-year warranty is automatically included with our products and well demonstrates that we positively believe in their longevity.

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