About Cottage Quilting Expert Staff
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Our Purpose 

Assisting sewers and quilters both experienced and new. We strive to do this through transparency and authentic engagement.  We are here to foster creativity by helping individuals piece together their memories.

Our Core Values
  • Knowledge Answer anything and if we don't no the answer know where to get it.   Experts in our field! 
  • Integrity We are honest and listen carefully to customers needs.  We sell only what the customer needs
  • Creativity Inspire and empower to do anything
  • Loyalty/Trust It's how we differentiate ourselves
  • Fun Our personality comes through whether it is working with fellow employees, customers, or suppliers, by being truthful and authentic and enjoying what we do!


About Us

We are a local family that decided it was time to turn our love of quilting into our family run business. We took over Cottage Quilting and Sewing Machine Center the summer of 2013.

You will always find one of us at the shop be it the front of the house helping with our Sewing and Quilting Classes, Fabric Selection, Running our Quilting Clubs or just having a coffee with one of the ladies. You might even see the man of the show servicing machines in the back or bringing out the pair of newly sharpened scissors.

We are so pleased to be back in the Okanagan Valley as your Kelowna Quilt Shop and are looking forward to working with each and every one of you. You become a part of our extended family and our traditions. We will be here to help you piece together you memories! We pride ourselves on going the extra mile.

We have been so lucky to have some wonderful recognition. We were nominated and won, Rising Star for Small Business of the Year in 2015, Meagan was recognized as one of the Top 40 under 40 in Business and Meagan was featured in Business Women of the Okanagan. Without our wonderful staff and loyal customers, we would not be able to be this successful. Thank you to everyone who supports us.

A little more about us and our in store experts. How we can make your quilting and sewing experiences easier!

Meagan Hughes is the owner and president of Cottage Quilting. She is pretty humble about her position though, she isn’t in it for the recognition she’s in it for the community. Her quilting career stems back to the birth of her children in 2008. Her mom gave her an old sewing machine and said maybe you’ll make something. Well she did. She started out making advent calendars, then bags, then quilts. It all started because of her family. When Meagan thinks about quilting, she thinks of the old quilting bees and all the ladies sitting around telling jokes, laughing, crying and sharing. That’s the image she has for Cottage Quilting. We want people in store hanging out with us, creating our own quilting bees. It’s about community to us and the support each of us offers. We want to be there when the next baby is born, we want to hold your hand if you need someone to listen, and we want you to know we care. Meagan is often asked what her favourite part of quilting is, and that’s it. The community aspect of it. She’s not modern, she’s not traditional, she’s not married to one project or style. It’s whatever is inspiring her at the moment, where she is in her life right then. She hopes you feel that when you’re in store.

Drew Hughes is not only an owner, he is Cottage Quilting's Head Service Technician.   He has attended training for all brands of machines, but he is an authorized warranty repair technician for Brother and Bernina Machines.

He has even started quilting!  He can help you make a selection of fabric, cut it and ring you through the till!  He's fallen in love with Embroidery and you may find him searching new designs and stitching them out.   Even better still, he's fallen in love with the Bernina Q24 and has been quilting quilts for customers too.  

He's a little OCD and will make sure your machine and or scissors come back to you better then when you left them.   He's patient, exact and always wants to make sure you are a happy and satisfied customer!

Tianna Lepage joins Cottage Quilting from the knitting community.  She is a woman of many talents truthfully.   She enjoys a lot of different types of crafts - she even does stained glass work!  She not only is working the floor at Cottage Quilting, she is also learning to be our second in store technician and is working on her certifications.   She has quite a lot of skills, a lot of personality and is really enjoying the quilting world!   

Summer Law has joined Cottage Quilting.  She's taken her sewing, and fashion studies from Blanche MacDonald School in Vancouver.   She's really into making beautiful period pieces, costumes, designing wigs and dying fabrics.   

She will bring a lot of colorful advice and suggestions while you're searching for your items here at Cottage Quilting.

She's not only a sales associate at our store, but our longarm quilter too!  She is the one who will treat your quilt tops with the utmost love.  She's working on our Statler and our Q24 in the back almost daily! She puts her heart and sole into every quilt top she quilts and will treat your quilt tops with nothing but love.    Her artistic flair is an added benefit when it comes to quilting your quilt tops!